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Avoid These Bad Habits In Your Writing

Avoid These Bad Habits In Your Writing

The top copy editor at Random House has a book out about what you should and shouldn’t do in your writing, and people are already arguing about it. All writing advice is relative, because language is not physics, it’s something people made up. That doesn’t mean writing advice is useless,…

How To Make Time To Write When You ‘Have No Time’

This week we have someone who desperately wants to escape his soulless career and become a writer, but he’s too busy to write. Should he leave his job so he can finally find the time to put pen to paper? Or will he realise that it’s possible to make time…

How To Break Through A Creative Block

Whether you like to draw, paint, write, choreograph, or play music, you’re probably familiar with the creative block, where you just can’t seem to do anything despite your motivation. To escape that rut, try doing what you do best, only terribly.