• Here Are the Best Tie-Dye Do’s and Don’ts

    Here Are the Best Tie-Dye Do’s and Don’ts

    When my daughter decided she wanted to give her brother a homemade tie-dye shirt for his birthday, my first thought was Cool! What’s better than a hand-made gift? My subsequent thoughts included: But how the hell do you do tie-dye? How much time do we need? That sounds messy.

  • What To Do If You Think Your Child Is Colour Blind

    Little kids are learning so much in their earliest years. They’re learning to walk and talk and identify all sorts of things—people, animals, numbers, letters and colours. And it turns out that the way we use colours in English—typically prenominally, or before nouns—doesn’t help. We tend to say, “There’s a blue car,” rather than, “there’s…