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Imagine yourself at a climbing wall: You head straight up, carefully grasping each handhold and foothold, a rope connecting a harness around your hips to a pulley above. The only problem: You don't know who's going to be on the ground holding the other end of that rope. And so, like many would-be climbers, you stay home. Alone.


This goal of mine. It was pointless. Not arguably pointless, actually pointless. Undisputedly pointless. Nothing would change if I achieved it. My financial situation would remain the same. My career: the same. My relationship with loved ones: the same. Everything: the same.

The only thing that would change: me. And no-one really gives a damn about that, do they?


At 8848m above sea level, Mount Everest is the highest mountain on Earth. Every year, adventurers all around the world travel to Nepal, the home country of Everest, to go all the way to the top. But the journey is hellish and some don't make it back alive. One Australian, Pete Wells, managed to reach the summit in 2010 and make it back in one piece. He spoke to Lifehacker Australia about his experience and what to expect if you do want to have a crack at Everest or other high altitude mountains.