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Windows: There are a million little apps that feature some combination of the words "Wi-Fi" and "analysis", or something really close to either. Some apps are paid; some are free. And they all allow you see different combinations of information about your wireless setup (and the wireless setups of those around you).


macOS: It's important to know how to fine-tune your wireless router, because not every router can just auto-adjust your wireless network's settings to give you the highest quality connection. That, and a great wifi-analysis app can help you figure out the areas of your house or apartment that might need a little more wireless support -- either by adding another access point or adjusting your existing configuration.


When I joined the workplace Slack, I went in guns blazing. I posted too much, inserted myself into conversations, embarrassed myself in private channels. Don't be like me! But also don't be a terrified wallflower. Here's how to settle into a new Slack without embarrassing yourself.