How To Quit Your Job

How To Quit Your Job

You’re ready to move on, and it’s time to break the news to the boss. What’s the proper protocol for going out on the right note?

Your Life Hack Is Just Having Staff

Image via Wikimedia Commons I’m going to pick on a story I saw in the Wall Street Journal, but only because it’s typical of a whole genre of advice offered by rich and powerful people, most of them white men. It’s a 2016 first-person essay by Brian Scudamore, the creator…

Tell Us About Your Worst Boss

We want to hear about your worst boss. You know the one: the blowhard who talked over you at every meeting; the unhinged lunatic who expected you to answer emergency texts at 3am; the so-called “genius” who couldn’t help but scream at everyone because she was just so darn passionate….