Did You Know Bunnings Sells Tech?

Did You Know Bunnings Sells Tech?

Bunnings Warehouse, the brand most associated with home hardware, planks of wood, gardening and sausage sizzles, also sells a fair assortment of tech.

We covered a story years ago where Bunnings sold gaming gear, including PCs, mice, desks and so on. While that original gaming gear story was fairly novel (and you guys seem to be really interested in Bunnings going gamer mode), we were only just scratching the surface.

Turns out to our surprise, Bunnings’ home improvement goes far beyond timber, doorknobs and toilets. There is also tech in the Bunnings.

What the heck is Bunnings Marketplace?

So, of course, Bunnings isn’t lining up computers and tech in the same giant warehouses where timber and sawdust abound. To sell some of the tech, Bunnings often uses a service called ‘Bunnings Marketplace’, which liaises products online from other distributors.

It has similar DNA to Kogan or the modern Dick Smith website, which use well-established names to offer digital storefronts to brands. Bunnings sells some of the tech itself, but not all of it.

Anyway, this means you can get tech at Bunnings. Not physically, but online.

What kind of stuff? Glad you asked.

Laptops, desktops and printers

Bunnings has them, including the already mentioned prebuilt gaming PCs and… Call of Duty-themed gaming desks. Huh. There’s also a bunch of laptops available, from ASUS and HP in particular. There is also MacBooks too for those more Apple-inclined. 

They’re fairly fine machines with standard pricing, but it’s definitely strange to buy a laptop through Bunnings, right?

Modems and routers

To be honest, selling routers and modem tech at Bunnings makes sense to me. Heaps of homemakers see networking as something overly technical, so being able to buy networking equipment via Bunnings might make things easier for some people.

There are range extenders, desktop switches, network adapters (for converting Ethernet to USB) and, of course, modem-routers. There’s also mesh gear, but not a whole lot.

Smart home stuff

Yeah, who could have guessed? Bunnings sells a wide range of smart home tech, including from Eufy, Ring, Swann, Orion, Philips and Arlo, ranging from lightning to cameras to smart door knobs.

This kind of makes the most sense, out of any tech category, considering that a lot of smart home stuff bundles well with home improvement (as in, would be best paired with taking walls or sockets out).

There’s probably heaps more tech available at Bunnings, but these were the standouts to us.

Sadly you can’t order a sausage sandwich online… yet.

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