• The Worst Ways to React to a Bee Attack

    The Worst Ways to React to a Bee Attack

    Bees want to be left alone, and in return, they typically leave us alone. Even when you see a swarm of bees out in the wild, they’re usually moving from one hive to another — not chasing after an enemy. But on rare occasions, such as their home being disturbed, bees can and do attack…

  • Facebook Security Fixes Break Tinder

    Facebook has rolled out a number of changes to APIs used by developers for things like accessing events, group administration, page management and using Facebook for logging into to other apps and services. And while the changes are another step in the road to tying down rogue apps, it’s not all smooth sailing.

  • The New App Economy Is All About APIs

    While I was in the US recently, I was surprised by a billboard I saw, that was overlooking Canal Street in New Orleans. It was advertising a company whose entire business was built around selling APIs. Tech advertising in the US is always interesting – I’ve saw ads on TV discussing IoT three or four…