Box Brings Automatic Image And Text Recognition To Online Storage


As the number of images we store on cloud services increases, it gets harder and harder to find that specific image you're looking for. That happened to me just yesterday. I knew what was in the pictures I wanted but there was no easy way to find them. Box is now integrating Google's Cloud Vision APIs into their products to help find images stored on their service.

Box’s Senior Director of Product Management, Ben Kus, said the ability to access the API as a pay-as-you-use service meant the engineering effort to integrate the new functions was far less expensive. And while image search was the key feature wanted to add, they got OCR as a bonus.

The applications of this function are very broad, from finding a product, based on colours and styles, through to media companies locating photos (something I spend quite a bit of time doing) and even just finding particular family snapshots.

The feature has been available for a couple of weeks.


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