Facebook Security Fixes Break Tinder

Facebook Security Fixes Break Tinder

Facebook has rolled out a number of changes to APIs used by developers for things like accessing events, group administration, page management and using Facebook for logging into to other apps and services. And while the changes are another step in the road to tying down rogue apps, it’s not all smooth sailing.

Dating/hook-up app Tinder is the “victim” of these updates.

The updates to the Facebook Login API have made it impossible for Tinder users to log-in or for new users to create an account.

Tinder relies on Facebook for all log-ins.

Facebook’s Chief Technology Officer, Mike Schroepfer, outlined the changes in a recent post detailing the changes they have made. In addition, Schroepfer revealed that the Cambridge Analytica data leak hit about 87 million people, not the 50 million that were initially revealed.

If you’e an app developer that uses Facebook’s APIs then it’s time to get into testing mode to make sure everything is working.

Users who find their Facebook-dependent apps are broken will need to be patient as Facebook irons out the kinks in the changes they made and developers play catch up.

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