BargainDesk Tracks Discount Deals In An AIR App

BargainDesk Tracks Discount Deals In An AIR App

BargainDesk Tracks Discount Deals In An AIR AppTracking the many deal-of-the-day sites running in Australia can feel like a full-time job for discount hunters. Bargain Desk collates deals from daily deal sites, group deal offers and online bargain hunter forums to help you search for the best buys.

Within the package, you can view deals from half-a-dozen deal tracking sites, including OzBargain, Buckscoop, Retail Me Not and Lasoo. (In practice, OzBargain dominates the results). You can also search for deals, and see the most popular choices from other BargainDesk users.

Bargain Desk’s most obvious point of distinction — that it runs as an installable Adobe AIR application, rather than as a web app — is also arguably its biggest disadvantage. It’s hard to see what benefit running separately has over using a browser that everyone already has, and it potentially makes it harder to add new sources of information. (The same might be said of iPhone apps such as AllTheDeals; if you can access the data via a browser, the app needs to be pretty special to justify a separate installation.) AIR being something of a resource hog doesn’t help matters either.

BargainDesk is a free download for Windows and Mac users, requires Adobe AIR.

Bargain Desk


  • I’ve been searching for something like this in the web. A browser based version would be nice but this app will do for now. The good thing about BargainDesk is it displays a system tray notification alert message when new deals come.

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