Adam Clark Estes

  • Go Get Your New MacBook Keyboard Fixed Right Now

    The never-ending saga surrounding Apple’s newer MacBook keyboards just saw a slightly refreshing update. In a leaked internal memo, the company says that all keyboard repairs must now be done in store with a one-day turnaround. So if you’ve been putting off getting your sticky or unresponsive keys fixed, now’s the time to make a…

  • The Best And Worst Of Google I/O 2018

    The Best And Worst Of Google I/O 2018

    This morning Google presented the keynote address at its annual I/O developer conference. It was kind of short compared to some of the marathons we’ve been subjected to in the past! But there’s still plenty for us to praise – and pan.

  • The 6 Best Gifts I’ve Ever Gotten My Mum

    My mum’s hard to shop for before the holidays. A lot of parents are, I’m sure. But with mum, you get no clues beyond the classic, “Oh I have plenty of stuff.” When pressed, she might offer, “I liked that candle you got me for my birthday that one time.” Any other suggestions are met…

  • Here’s Every Product Google Announced Today

    Google announced some new hardware at a characteristically low key event in San Francisco on today. Nearly everything had been leaked ahead of the event, but there were a few surprises — some more exciting than others. Inevitably, one thing seemed clear: Google wants to be a gadget company, too.