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Video: If you never learned to swim, it’s not too late. In this video, we follow Terry, 35, who never got around to learning to swim, and JR, 30, who’s been afraid of the water since nearly drowning as a child.


Video: It’s a thrill to have a place of your very own. It can also be incredibly daunting, especially if the most you’ve ever thought about home decor was the time you taped fairy lights above your bedroom mirror. But you don’t need to turn into Chip and Joanna Gaines overnight.

In this episode of Lifehacker’s Adulting series, we’ll give you some tips for making your space feel like you, or rather, a more sophisticated version of you.


Video: So you’re bad at laundry. Maybe you’ve been able to come home from uni every weekend lugging a bag of dirty clothes like Santa, or maybe you never fully recovered from that lipstick-in-the-dryer incident of ‘08. We aren’t here to judge. We’re here to help. In this final episode of Lifehacker’s Adulting series, we go over some laundry basics.


Video: Don’t know how to plunge a toilet? Still taping Scarface posters to your wall? Not sure whether that shirt really needs to be washed or if it can last another few days? We’ve been there, and we’re here for you. This is Lifehacker’s Adulting series, where we’ll guide you through some real-world basics to help you take charge of your life. Now clear away those beer pong cups — we have work to do.