Skype Pack Offers Unlimited Skype Calls On Vodafone And 3

Make a lot of Skype calls and don't want to be restricted to doing so from your PC? Vodafone and 3 are offering a $3 a month Skype bundle which lets you make unlimited calls to other Skype users.

To take advantage of that deal, you need to install a specific Skype app based on whether you use Vodafone or 3. (The specialised app ensures that data used on your Skype calls doesn't get discounted from your general data allowance.)

There's an obvious caveat here that Vodafone's network reliability could make it a challenge to get your $3 a month in value, though for international calls that threshold wouldn't be hard to cross. It's also not an option if you use an iPhone, BlackBerry or Windows Phone 7 device.

Skype on Vodafone


    Sounds like what 3 has had for years, except it was included in the data pack, skype doesnt use much data, so i use the real skype on my Telstra iPhone now.

    When i was with 3, I was able to use it on my hand me down HTC TyTn WinMob 6 phone with a little bit of hacking the registry, it was a pretty dreadful experience though.

    @TrendyTim The Skype app that VHA released goes through their own voice gateway by dialling a phone number. The voice quality of this will surpass any 3G connection.

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