3 Offering Deal On Second Android Phone

3 Offering Deal On Second Android Phone

Fancy getting some Android goodness but stuck on a contract with your existing model? 3 has an unusual deal where existing customers can acquire a HTC Legend for $298.

That price point is pretty competitivefor the recently-updated Legend, though as you’re paying it off over 12 or 24 instalments, it will result in you effectively extending your contract. If you’ve spotted another good second (or replacement) phone deal, we’d love to hear about it in the comments.

[via OzBargain


  • My legend cost 180 from Vodafone on top of
    12 month $45 dollar plan. Infinite calls and text. 1gig internet.

    Great plan however, extra charge on tethering because boss are sneaky dogs.

    • @Tweak – FroYo isn’t yet available OTA, however it can be downloaded via HTC’s website. The ROM they have for offer works with either Vodafone or 3, theres nothing special about the software which locks it to either (although a minor mobile settings update might be needed).

      I love my Legend to death, though I would think about twice acquiring one now, considering we’re on the brink of a new generation of Android dual-core phones on our doorstep in the coming months.

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