The sighting of a seven-metre shark off the South Australia coast last year excited the world's media with some making reference to the great white that featured in the classic 1975 film Jaws. It was certainly a big shark but there are tales of even bigger beasts lurking in our waters.


For some people spiders have been a source of fear for years. But in reality, they deserve to instil a sense of amazement. There are plenty of reasons to love and not hate spiders, but let's start with just eight.


Whether you chose to give out chocolate or take small people trick-or-treating, you will no doubt find yourself in possession of some amount of Halloween chocolate on November 1. You could shovel it into your mouth mindlessly, dole out a piece each day and make it last until Christmas (my mum's favourite), or you could take a page out of Taco Bell's menu and fry it in a flour tortilla.


Halloween is here, and with it comes much making of spooOOooky messes! Halloween messes are special, in that they can be pretty bad ones, but fortunately for you guys, I'm both a Clean Person and a Halloween Person, and so I have solutions up my very witchy sleeves for you.


So you've been invited to a mate's Halloweeen party but haven't worked out what to wear. Don't panic! You still have time to create an inspired, no-frills costume from stuff lying around the house. Here are 20 non-sucky ideas that can be whipped together in under an hour.


Tonight, millions of kids around the world will partake in trick-or-treat to celebrate Halloween. For some reason, this makes a small subset of Australian adults irrationally angry. "That's a stupid American custom," they invariably grumble. To children. Before slamming the door in their tiny faces.

In reality, the practice of trick-or-treating predates the USA by hundreds of years. It's no more "American" than Christmas is. In short, let the kids have their fun and stop being a grumpy arsehole.


Over the weekend, my boyfriend and I were invited to a wholesome pumpkin carving party. Rather than lug heavy gourds across Brooklyn, we'd planned to simply grab a couple on the way, alongside the necessary libations and lollies. Forty minutes and four stops later, we were still empty handed, and realised that we'd woefully overestimated the prevalence of pumpkins at bodegas and supermarkets. Rather than throw in the towel, we improvised. We scoured the options at a corner store near our destination and purchased the most pumpkin-like things we could find: Spaghetti squash and honeydew.


Someone in my household managed to get the sticky, sugary residue of Halloween lollies (chocolate and fruity/hard lollies) onto our wooden coffee table. NBD in that it wasn't an expensive item, by any means, but I'd still prefer to clean it than to replace it. How can I get the patch of sticky stuff off without ruining the finish? I've tried a coarse sponge and detergent, with no luck.


Nothing has been more important to my development as a home cook -- and as a person who eats the vegetables she buys instead of letting them liquify in the crisper -- than learning to cook without recipes. Once I learned a few go-to methods by heart, "a quick dinner" came to mean kitchen improvisation rather than ordering Seamless.


As a person who writes a column dedicated to lazy meals, I see a lot of recipes and videos for "simple" and "easy" dishes.. Most are shot from an overhead angle and include too much grade F cheese and ranch dressing for even my liking, but I came across something in my normal course of late-night Imgur browsing.

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I had to change how I think because of Google's new $US1000 Pixelbook. This gorgeous 2-in-1 is some of my favourite hardware for the price, but it's loaded with Chrome OS, the worst operating system you could put on your computer. If you've grown up a power user of MacOS, Windows, or Linux than Chrome OS feels like getting cut off at the knees, and hardware can't possibly distract you from how hamstrung Chrome OS is compared to its more mature competitors.

So in order to not spend another Chromebook review complaining about the severe inadequacies of Chrome OS, I decided to think like an ideal Chrome OS user. It was worse than that time I tried to stop drinking sodas, but as painful as living a wholly different existence was it made one thing very obvious: If you are an ideal Chrome OS user this is the very best laptop you can buy.


Stews are a frugal person's best friend. There's nothing more satisfying to a penny-pincher than scores of single-bowl meals made with the cheapest cuts of meat. Stew is easy, but to get the best flavours, stew meat needs a little extra care. Here are some tips.