Amazon’s AppStream lets you run apps that are hosted on AWS through to devices running a HTML 5 friendly browser. This makes application deployment easier and allows you to deliver apps made for one platform, such as a traditional PC, to different platforms such as tablets. And while not every app is designed to be touch-screen friendly, it’s a lot easier than buying new software or redeveloping programs for the BYOD mobile world


Microsoft has quietly released a new tool for making the transition from a Mac to Windows easier. There's no formal announcement about the tool but it looks to make the switch (back for many?) from a Mac to Windows smoother.


Whether you're archiving old photos or securing some personal files, cloud storage is a handy way to preserve your precious data, and when it comes to cloud storage solutions, few give you as much bang for your buck as Zoolz. Offering a massive 2TB of storage space to the table, Zoolz Dual Cloud Storage nets you some serious space without breaking the bank.


OneDrive users have been asking for a differential sync feature for the cloud storage service for some time. The feature would only sync parts of files that have been updated instead of syncing everything, which would save time and bandwidth. Microsoft has now revealed it will be introducing differential sync to OneDrive in the second quarter of this year.