Ian Lang

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  • How To Make A Killer American-Style Chicken Burger

    US fast food chain Popeyes recently released a fried chicken burger, quietly and with little fanfare. As a very cool guy who definitely doesn’t spend a lot of time on fast food blogs, I noticed that they were being tested in my area and managed to get my hands on a couple before they sold…

  • Why You Should Pre-Smash Your Burgers

    Why You Should Pre-Smash Your Burgers

    It’s no secret why burger chains like Grilled, BL Burgers, and Lord Of The Fries are having such a moment. Their thin, moderately-sized burger patties show a deep and abiding understanding of what makes a good cheeseburger: a reasonable portion size, seamless integration with the bun and toppings, and of course lots and lots of…