Ikea’s Iconic FRAKTA Bag Gets A Makeover

Ikea’s Iconic FRAKTA Bag Gets A Makeover
Image: Ikea

The blue $1 IKEA FRAKTA carrier bag is an iconic part of the Swedish furniture store’s line-up. It’s a Good Bag, and one of the most recognisable things in the world. Even Balenciaga made one (for $3000). As part of a new set of Scandy furniture, the FRAKTA has been redesigned in a few different colours.

This ain’t the simple yellow bag that you carry around IKEA and then stealthily try to sneak out to avoid paying $1 for a blue one like a pleb, though — these six new YPPERLIG bags are re-woven using new colours and contrasting checker patterns. One problem: they’re $4. Daylight robbery, frankly. Four times the price of the classic blue? Tell ’em they’re dreaming.

From the designer, Mette Hay, one of the brains behind the new YPPERLIG collection: “It’s one of the most known and used IKEA products, but one that no one appreciates as a design object. It’s a celebration of this iconic product.” We think we celebrate it pretty well, to be honest. But we’re nerds like that.

One more thought: do these remind anyone else of those blue and white and red checkered bags that you used to lug all your gear in for soccer practice as a kid? [IKEA]

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