Your PS5 Will Soon Be Able to Capture Game Clips to Help Other Players

Your PS5 Will Soon Be Able to Capture Game Clips to Help Other Players

If you’re playing a game on your PS5 and can’t defeat a particularly challenging boss or figure out how to solve a certain puzzle, you’ll soon be able to get help from an anonymous stranger. Sony has announced that later this year, your PS5 will be able to automatically capture game clips from your play sessions and upload them as hints for other players—and clips taken by other players will be available for your reference, too. This addition is called Community Game Help, and it’s something you’ll have to opt into, offering an interesting way to get help with a game without looking up an online walkthrough.

How you can contribute to PS5’s Community Game Help

Credit: Sony

In the coming months, you will be able to opt in to Community Game Help, which means that videos from your gameplay will help others. Once this feature is rolled out to your PS5, you can go to PS5 settings > Captures & Broadcasts > Captures > Auto Captures > Community Game Help > Participate. This will allow you to opt in to the program.

This settings page, according to Sony, will also let you select how many videos you want to let the console capture every month. When you do certain things in supported games, your PS5 will automatically capture these videos and upload them to Sony’s servers. When videos are uploaded, a moderator will review your content and decide if it can be published under Community Game Help. If your video is published, you’ll get a notification on your PS5 and it’ll appear under the Your Published Videos option on the Community Game Help settings page.

Sony says that your PS5 will automatically delete these clips once they’re uploaded, which means that you don’t have to worry about running out of storage. The company has also addressed other privacy concerns by confirming that only raw gameplay footage will be uploaded. Sony won’t access your webcam feeds, party chat audio, or audio from your mic. According to Sony, this feature will be available “in select games later this year, and [its] goal is to expand it to as many titles as possible in the future.”

How to use Community Game Help on your PS5

Credit: Sony

At the moment, Community Game Help is being rolled out slowly, so it could be a while before it shows up on your PS5. To check if you’ve got it, you can hit the PS button when you’re playing a game, select a card labelled Hints Inside, and select any of the videos under Community Game Help. This will also be available on the PS app.

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