The Best Products to Organize Your Tech

The Best Products to Organize Your Tech

While all your tech products add value to your work and your life, they can take up space—from AirPods to charging cords, it’s easy to misplace or tangle up all the things that connect you to the virtual world. Here are some products to help keep your cords and tech products safe and organized.

Tools to organize cords

Cords get in the way of everything—or they used to. Try these products to organize them easily. 

  • The Smartish magnetic cord holder ($US39.99) has been a godsend for me; it’s basically a large magnet that sits on your desk and holds onto the ends of all your cords. It comes in a variety of colours and two sizes, so no matter your aesthetic goals or number of chargers, it keeps them all neat and tidy.
  • A simple old-school cord organizer ($US6.55) also gets the job done by attaching to the end of your desk and leaving slots for up to five cords, so they don’t get tangled.
  • Grab this six-pack of individual cord holders from Joyroom ($US15.99) to space your cords out along the edge of your desk if the idea of having them all grouped together overwhelms you. These are also handy for any electrical cords that trail down your wall, as they keep them in place and are easy to attach to any surface.

Tools to organize your tech

Your phone. Your headphones. That little pen that goes with your iPad. It all needs to be organized. Let’s go. 

  • Another useful Smartish product is this wall-mounted magnet ($US21.99), which can hold up AirPods, iPhones, or any MagSafe accessories. Stick one by your door to have a place to plop your earbuds or on your desk so your phone never slides around. 
  • I also use the Smartish case clinger ($US9.99), which is just a little strip with a hook on it that sits under your phone case and allows you to attach your device to a wrist or cross-body strap. I clip my phone to my keychain when I go out and it keeps everything I need in one place. I’ve had mine about six months and it’s never slipped out of place or come loose. 
  • The Goospery pencil holder ($US13.99) holds your stylus to your iPad with a strap, not adhesive, which is a safer option, as it won’t suddenly come unstuck and cost you your expensive Apple Pencil. 
  • The FYY travel cable organizer ($US9.84) is a compact, zippered bag with multiple layers and pockets inside that can store all your cables and devices without them getting tangled. It’s ideal for travel or working on the go.
  • The CaseSack all-in-one case ($US12.86) is perfect for AirPods and everything that goes with them (and your other accessories). The small pouch can hold the AirPods case, plus has room for a charger for on-the-go juicing.
  • To store and charge all your devices at once, try the Myndekly bamboo charging station ($US25.99), which has room for two Apple Watches, two AirPods cases, and four flat devices like iPhones and iPads. Plus, it comes with six charging cables. 

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