Keep Your Cords And Cables In Ziplock Bags

Keep Your Cords And Cables In Ziplock Bags

We’ve featured many ways to manage cables, many of which involve wrapping techniques that are good but time consuming. Here’s an alternative: shove each cable in its own plastic bag.

Photo by User:Mattes.

The folks over at life tips blog Life Don’t Panic explain:

Most times you will end up putting a bunch of cords in a box or drawer. Then they get all tangled up. An easy way to prevent this is to get zip lock bags and put the cords in the bags. Then you can throw all the bags into a drawer or box as usual.

This solution is effective and allows you to be fairly lazy with your organisation. You can even label the bags so you know what each cable is for (if it isn’t already obvious). What’s not to like?

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