How to Boost Your Internet Speed When Everyone’s Online

How to Boost Your Internet Speed When Everyone’s Online

You know how on New Year’s Eve it’s hard to make a call, or at giant concerts or sporting events where tens of thousands are packed in tight, and you just can’t for the life of you load that meme your mate just sent you? That’s because there are too many people trying to do that exact thing. Everyone is trying to use the internet at the same time — your friend sent that meme to everyone in the stadium, and now they’re all trying to see it.

This problem occurs on a smaller scale in most homes, you just may not be aware. Ideally, we’d all never have to interact with other humans at all. But given the current cost of living situation, chances are you live with people, many people. And those greedy dogs are all sucking up your precious internet. Unfortunately, we can’t just get rid of them, that would be illegal! So we must learn to adapt.

For some expert advice on how to speed up the internet while everyone is using it, I contacted Danielle Johnson, a Senior Residential Customer Service Manager at Aussie Broadband

Boosting your network

“When there are too many people trying to use the internet at once, sometimes the problem is as simple as not having enough bandwidth to go around,” says Danielle.

One straightforward solution is to upgrade your internet plan. “The difference between an NBN 50 and NBN 100 plan can often be as little as $10, which is a small price to double your maximum available speeds,” she says. For households with heavy internet users, like gamers or streamers, considering a 250Mbps or 1000Mbps plan could be a game-changer.

Tackling home network congestion

But it’s not always about the plan. Sometimes, the issue lies within your home network. “Making sure your modem/router is broadcasting on an uncongested Wi-Fi channel can make a world of difference,” says Danielle. Upgrading to a mesh network is a good way to combat this, as it can help enhance connectivity, especially in bigger homes or ones with multiple floors.

Maximising router efficiency

Your router’s location can also significantly impact your internet speed. “Removing any physical obstructions from your router can also improve connectivity,” says Danielle. “If your modem/router is locked away or behind objects that can cause electrical interference — such as a TV, walls or baby monitors — then this can interrupt your signal and subsequently the speeds you can access on your device. Don’t hide your router — keep it in a central location with as much open space as possible.”

Upgrading your hardware

If your household has a lot of devices, it might be time to consider a hardware upgrade. A router that supports newer Wi-Fi standards can better handle multiple connections, ensuring that you get the most out of your internet speed. Danielle also recommends keeping an eye on your router’s app or page to monitor which devices are using the network. 

“Often, a lot of the times, slowdown can be attributed to a device you’d forgotten about that’s simply hogging up all the download for updates,” she explains. “Once that update is done, or the device is turned off or had its network access disabled, other devices will start to see a performance improvement.”

Sick of slow internet? Check out Aussie Broadband for more info on getting the best internet possible for your home.

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