You Can Now Replace Google Assistant With Microsoft’s Copilot AI

You Can Now Replace Google Assistant With Microsoft’s Copilot AI

A few weeks ago, Google rebranded its AI platform Bard, which is now known as Gemini. Aside from some additional service options, like Gemini Advanced, the company also casually announced that you can now replace Google Assistant on your Android with Gemini.

It isn’t a perfect swap: While Gemini can offer a lot of useful AI functionality as your digital assistant, it can’t do some basic Google Assistant tasks, such as access your calendar, so it might not yet be ready for primetime. Still, if you’re interested in test driving an AI bot as your smartphone’s assistant, you’re not out of luck: You now have another AAA AI option in Microsoft’s Copilot.

In the latest beta update for the Copilot app, Microsoft included the ability to set Copilot as your default assistant. When you do, you’ll be able to activate Copilot when long-pressing the power button. However, the implementation is currently far from ideal. As Mishaal Rahman reports on X (formerly Twitter), activating the assistant simply launches the Copilot activity, rather than displaying Copilot over the screen like a typical digital assistant. In addition, you can’t trigger Copilot with your voice (so don’t even try saying “Hey Copilot”).

Rahman speculates Microsoft could be working on these integrations, and I agree; this feature is currently only available in beta, after all, and there’s a lot of work Microsoft could do before launching it to the general public.

How to make Copilot your Android assistant

If you want to try out Copilot as your assistant, even in its current limited form, you’ll first need to get on the beta for the Copilot app. Luckily, that’s easy enough: Head to Copilot’s Play Store page, then scroll to the bottom and tap Join underneath Join the beta. Tap Join on the popup. Next, make sure you have the latest version of the Copilot app.

Once that’s all set, open Settings > Apps > Default apps > Digital assistant app, then tap Default digital assistant app and choose Copilot. It’s worth noting that I currently don’t see the option on my end, even as a Copilot beta tester, so Microsoft may be rolling out this update slowly.


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