7 of the Most Underrated Aussie Food Items, According to Reddit

7 of the Most Underrated Aussie Food Items, According to Reddit

Today in odd Australian conversations, folks have taken to Reddit channel r/australia to share the most underrated food products you can find in your local Coles, Woolies or ALDI, and the results are going to turn some heads, that’s for sure. As our pals at Pedestrian TV have reported, the conversation was started by Redditor Painsomnia, and there were a few clear favourites in the list of supermarket food items.

Here are the standouts from the bunch.

Most underrated food products at Coles, Woolies and ALDI, according to Reddit Australia

The discussion of the most underrated Aussie supermarket food items came from Redditor Painsomnia sharing they had stumbled on Whittaker chocolate and enjoyed it so much they felt frustrated they hadn’t tried it earlier in life. Following this, they asked, “What’s a food product available in Aussie supermarkets that you think gets overlooked (or that you’ve previously overlooked yourself) but that’s actually amazing, and everyone should try?”

The top 7 foods listed (according to number of upvotes) were:

  • Kewpie Mayonnaise: Reddit user Nommy86 shared that “no one else seems to know you can get it from the supermarket, and it’s delicious”.
  • Vintage Cheddar: According to miolmok, this cheese is “so common but so good”.
  • Masterfoods Moroccan Spice Mix: Redditor oilsaintolis shared that “it’s so good on roasted vegetables and lamb”. They also added that lemon pepper deserves an honourable mention – and we happen to agree.
  • ALDI Plain Salted Lentil Chips: According to Reddit user grey-clouds, these babies “are incredibly tasty and you can easily eat a whole bag”. One user added that the salt and pepper chickpea chips are worth a try, too.
  • Loacker Chocolate Tortina Biscuits and Gran Pasticceria Chocolate Wafer: asocialcomplex described these as “top-notch in original and white chocolate”.
  • Arnott’s Malt-O-Milk Biscuits: User milkaddictedkitty shared that these are “perfect dunk into coffee. Melt in your mouth malty goodness”.
  • Arnott’s Country Cheese Crackers: Reddit user stickylarue shared that “if you haven’t used them as a crumbing yet, you’re missing out! Homemade chicken nuggets with country cheese crumbing is so good”.

What do you think? Is this an accurate list in your estimation? Or is there another underrated supermarket food item that is missing here? Let us know in the comments below.

And if you’d like to keep reading about supermarket updates, you can continue reading here.

Lead Image Credit: iStock/Woolies/Coles/ALDI

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