We Asked People What the Women’s World Cup Has Meant to Them and I’m Not Crying, You Are

We Asked People What the Women’s World Cup Has Meant to Them and I’m Not Crying, You Are

While our girls in gold may have been eliminated from the FIFA 2023 Women’s World Cup™, there’s no denying their huge impact on this country. It’s been a long time since we’ve come together in this way, all donning our green and gold and cancelling plans in order to cheer on the national team.

With the Australia versus England game on Wednesday night breaking Australian TV records, it’s clear that we have football fever, and there’s no denying that the women’s team have paved the way for future generations to actually see a viable career in sports. For that, we’ll be forever grateful.

If, like me, you don’t want the party (and the glory) to be packed down just yet, we asked a bunch of folks their feels about the FIFA Women’s World Cup™. Warning: Many warm and fuzzies may ensue.

Steph, 33

“This is my first time watching a Women’s World Cup, and although I’ve enjoyed watching the men’s comp for many years, this experience was different. Seeing the Australian team perform at history-making levels, on home soil no less, was honestly kind of emotional. Women’s sport has long been met with judgment and criticism and the team’s talent, as well as the support from Australia, was undeniable. Things are shifting and it’s incredibly exciting to witness it. YTG!”

Bree, 29

“I’ve absolutely loved having the World Cup on home soil this year. Watching an entire nation get behind women’s sport has been nothing short of incredible. This is the first World Cup where I’ve watched most of the games, been to some live ones, brought the Aussie jersey and really gotten amongst it, and I’ll definitely be cheering them on the next World Cup. I’m so proud! They’ve captivated a nation, inspired the next generation and put on one hell of a performance. Sporting history was made this year, and it was incredible to witness.”

Ben, 24

“It’s been so exciting to see so many people across the country (and even the world) get behind our women’s soccer team. It’s also been great to see young kids look up to the girls in gold. They’re the type of role models we should all get behind.”

Laura, 27

“I thought I hated soccer! I was never interested after one brief stint in 2006 where I woke up in the middle of the night and sat there bored through the whole thing. But something about this being on home turf and all women made me so invested and feel so much pride. When Australia played France, I was walking through the city and could hear cheers from all the pubs. When we won that game I was screaming with strangers and it was such a beautiful experience. Putting women (and especially a lot of queer women) on this world stage is so powerful.”

Maria, 25

“I’ve never cared about sports but there’s something guilt-free and empowering about supporting the gals. They’re world-class athletes inspiring the next generation and paving the way for women’s sports. I also love how it brings every demographic together! Even my mum watched and she doesn’t watch sports haha.”

Charlotte, 25

“My boyfriend is a huge premier league fan and I’ve tried a few times to watch and be interested in the things he is but honestly, I found it quite boring so I chalked it up to me just not being a Sports Girlie. The Women’s World Cup has shown me that that’s NOT THE CASE! It turns out I love sport when it’s talented women doing their thing and not a display of masculine aggression (yuck). I’m now super excited to continue this Sport Girlie era of mine and will be tuning into the AFLW as soon as it kicks off next month!”

David, 39

“I am a football guy now. I never thought this would happen to me. I no longer know myself and I have the women’s team to thank for it. (Please tell me who to support in the A-League).”

Lauren, 29

“I’ve not been a soccer fan, however I have LOVED getting around the girls. It’s been absolutely incredible to see the country embrace and support such powerful women. What an amazing moment for sport, in general, bringing women’s sport to the forefront of every conversation in Australia for weeks. So proud of the team for the way they’ve carried themselves throughout the tournament. Serious inspo.”

Claudia, 30

“The last time I watched any sport (with close attention) was FIFA World Cup 1998 and I was just a kid. This is the first time I’ve felt that frenzy since.”

Brb, crying and replaying the highlight reels for the next four years.

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