Your Kitchen Sponge Is Rank

Your Kitchen Sponge Is Rank

Today in things grown individuals should know but probably don’t, we’re talking about the lifespan of sponges. Those little cleaning devices are put to work on loads of items in our homes to (allegedly) help maintain their cleanliness – dishes especially – but how long should you be using your sponges?

According to reports from Business Insider that date a few years back, kitchen sponges can be dirtier than toilets. And although methods like boiling and microwaving your kitchen sponges can help somewhat, it doesn’t really kill off as much bacteria as you might think (only up to 60%). You can also pop your sponges in the dishwasher for a rinse, but this will not solve all your issues either.

Referring to the journal Scientific Reports, Business Insider reported that scientists recommend that you replace your kitchen sponge every single week.

If you are set on cleaning your sponges rather than replacing them, microbiologist Philip Tierno told Business Insider in a separate chat that the best way to clean sponges is with a little bleach. But still, knowing just how much grot is growing on those bad boys may make you question how long you want to keep them around.

If you’re worried about waste – using a new sponge every week means getting rid of a lot of sponges – the team at The Kitchn suggests holding onto old sponges and using them for more grimy cleaning jobs like scrubbing the bins.

Just cut off a corner of your old sponge, so you know it’s past its prime, and you can delegate it to the icky cleaning jobs pile, The Kitchn recommended.

Additionally, you can reduce your use of kitchen sponges by swapping out sponges for microfibre cloths where possible, which can easily be tossed into the wash and reused. And, according to certain studies, microfibre cloths appear to be rather good at reducing contamination from surfaces rather than spreading bacteria around further.

While we’re on the topic of sponges and their best uses, have you heard they’re pretty great at reducing your plant’s risk of developing root rot? Check out why here.

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