How To Create A Temporary Kitchen Backsplash

How To Create A Temporary Kitchen Backsplash

Customising your pad is a challenge when you’re a renter, with the (typically-outdated) kitchen one of the trickiest rooms. Home design blog Re-nest offers easy, temporary upgrades for this important space, so you can make it your own.

The backsplash can make a big difference in how a kitchen looks and feels. If you’re allowed to paint, Re-nest suggests painting that small area with chalkboard paint. If you can’t paint or wallpaper the area, however, you can cover ugly tiles or a boring plain wall with removable vinyl decals — handy items we’ve suggested before for customising your apartment without pissing off your landlord.

Something as simple as changing out the switch plates can also make a small but noticeable impact too.

Check out the article for eight other ways to brighten up and improve a rental’s kitchen. If you have great ideas of your own for temporary kitchen upgrades, let’s hear them in the comments.

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