Plot Your House Colour Palette To Evolve Interior Design

Often when you first buy a house or decide to remodel your home you need to evaluate the colours used throughout the house, which rooms you plan on painting, and what order to wish to paint. Using a floor plan with each room's wall colour represented can help you get a feel for your current colour scheme as well as with planning for future upgrades.

Home remodelling blog Young House Love recommends using a floor plan tool such as Floorplanner, but if you already have a copy of the floor plan it's probably just as easy to use an image editor like Photoshop or GIMP to add the colours in.

Painting the walls with a hip colour can be a great way of making a new house or apartment your own inexpensively. If you want to coordinate the design in most of your rooms you may want to consider using the colour palette technique.

Our Home's Recently Expanded Color Palette [Young House Love]


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