This TikTok Hair Oiling Hack Will Revive Your Luscious Locks

This TikTok Hair Oiling Hack Will Revive Your Luscious Locks

Hair oiling is the new TikTok trend that promises a thick, healthy mane. But does it actually work?

TikTok user Krishna (@lavish_krish) is known for her skin, hair and beauty tips and has recently been teaching the online community about hair oiling.

Hair oiling originated 5,000 years ago in India and is known for not only its hair care properties, but also as a bonding activity between mothers and daughters.

Hair porosity

Krishna explains that the first thing people should know is their hair porosity. Hair porosity can be low, medium or high and depends on the individual. Your hair porosity determines the types of products and ingredients you should be using in your hair.


Hair porosity explained 💖 Only curly girls community know this but rest of us don’t 😭 #haircaretips #haircare #hairtok #haircaretok #hairinfluencer #hairblogger

♬ original sound – Krishna

Low porosity hair has tightly closed cuticles and struggles to absorb moisture, but retains it well.

Medium porosity hair easily absorbs and maintains moisture.

High porosity hair has open cuticles, meaning that it absorbs and loses moisture easily.

To find out your hair porosity, you can do a quick test that involves leaving a clean strand of hair in water for two minutes. If the strand floats at the top, your hair has low porosity. High porosity hair means the strand will sink to the bottom. If it floats in the middle of the water, you have medium hair porosity.


This is how you find your Hair Porosity 💖 Will be sharing products for each hair type soon ✨ #hairporosity #hairporositytest #hairporositytips #haircaretips

♬ original sound – Krishna

Hair oiling

Once you’ve figured out your hair porosity, you can start looking into what oils you should be using for your hair.

Commonly recommended oils include rosemary oil, argan oil, jojoba oil and castor oil.

After finding oils that are compatible with your hair type, you can start taming your mane.

Here are some of Krishna’s top tips for starting to oil your hair:


Hair oiling 101 ✨ All hair products and tools are linked on my Amazon storefront 💖 The choice of oils depend two factors: (1) Hair Porosity (2) Your main Hair Concerns. Depending on these you gotta choose the oils. Check out my ‘Hair Guide’ for more info 🤗 #haircaretips #hairoiling #hairoilingtips #oiltreatment #hairtok #hairinfluencer #haircareblogger

♬ original sound – Krishna

Krishna’s other videos include tips for an effective hair care routine. These include: detangling hair before oiling, apply oils directly to the scalp, and massaging the oil into the scalp for at least five minutes.


Oil recos in my Hair Care Guide linked in bio 💖 #haircaretips #hairoiling #hairoiltips #oiltreatment #hairinfluencer #hairblogger #haircareblogger

♬ original sound – Krishna

The hair oiling trend has also been picked up by other beauty and wellness TikTokers. This has resulted in a variety of tips, recommendations and advice for those who are wanting to start their healthy hair journey.

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