These Small Purchases Will Change Your Life, According to Reddit

These Small Purchases Will Change Your Life, According to Reddit

Sometimes you just don’t know what you’re missing. For years I thought I was a maximally efficient suitcase-packer, and scoffed at packing cubes. How could they possibly improve upon what I’m already doing? But one day I got a set, and realised I’d been living like a fool. If you’d like to have a similar experience, this Reddit thread on small purchases that changed people’s lives offers dozens.

The thing about packing cubes, by the way, is not that they let you pack more; I was already packing the most my small bags would allow. It’s that they allow you to pack the same amount of stuff without all the ensuing chaos. It’s not exaggerating to say they were a complete game changer for me. Here are some more items that may spark a similar epiphany for you.

Sunrise alarm clock

This is another one I can vouch for personally: an alarm clock that gradually lights up before finally playing a sound to let you know it’s morning. Especially in the dark winters, the bright light makes it a lot easier to wake up.

A bowl for your keys

One redditor says they bought a simple plastic bowl to keep their keys and wallet by the door, and now they never lose track of their keys. I did the same a few years ago with a small box, and now I always know where my keys are.

Blackout curtains

Do you ever want to sleep in past the sunrise, or put kids to bed before dusk? If you have bright streetlights outside or like to take midday naps, blackout curtains can turn your (or your kid’s) bedroom into a dark, sleep-inducing cave.

Extra long phone chargers

That’s it, that’s the hack. Get a ten-foot charging cable and you’ll be able to use your phone easily while it’s charging, or charge it from a more convenient place.

An extra large duvet or blanket

One redditor said they got a king-size duvet for their queen-sized bed. I’ve gone the opposite direction, with my husband and I each using a separate queen-sized blanket on our king-sized bed.

An immersion blender

Yes, even if you already have a regular blender. As we’ve previously enthused, a stick blender often works better if you’re dealing with hot liquids or trying to emulsify sauces. It’s also easier to clean.

Anti-fatigue mats

Have you ever noticed those thick, gel-filled mats that cashiers sometimes stand on? Let me blow your mind: You can just go buy one — and you should. Keep it in your kitchen, at the spot where you do the dishes or where you stand to do most of your cooking. Or get one for your standing desk, or anywhere else you spend a lot of time on your feet.

A Bluetooth adaptor

If your car is too old to have its own Bluetooth system, stick an adaptor like this one into its aux jack. Now you can play tunes through your phone’s Bluetooth, and have them instantly beamed into the car’s sound system. If your car is too old to even have an aux jack, there are adapters that will transmit the audio through your car’s radio.

An instant-read kitchen thermometer

A digital thermometer “makes cooking instantly easier,” as we’ve told you before. Your meats will be more tender because you can take them out as soon as they hit temperature. I used to always keep fish in the oven a few extra minutes for good measure; I cannot tell you how much better my lunches have gotten since I started keeping a thermometer handy. You can also make custards, temper chocolate, and more — without the guesswork.

A hair catcher for the shower drain

If you’re always picking hairballs out of the shower drain, you have options. If your home has plastic plumbing (typical in houses built after the 1970s), try a DrainFunnel, which sends the hair safely down the drain without getting it stuck on anything on the way out.

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