5 Travel Items That Should Be Folded Into Your Everyday Life, According to Reddit

5 Travel Items That Should Be Folded Into Your Everyday Life, According to Reddit

A recent Reddit thread within r/HerOneBag has explored the benefits of trading out full-sized items – particularly beauty products – for their travel-sized counterparts as a means of saving a little cash and avoiding having products spoil on them. Additionally, folks are finding that certain travel items actually come in handy during everyday life, too.

Here are the biggest takeaways from the thread.

Travel sized items you should be using every day

Travel size toiletries. Credit: iStock

The original poster shared, “One bagging has made me really aware of the amount of stuff I have at home, and I’ve realised in some cases, I really prefer the full sized version, and in other cases, I love the mini or multipurpose and have gotten rid of the “normal” item as a result.”

What travel items have you integrated into your non-travel life?
byu/5T6Rf6ut inHerOneBag

Since the post went live, folks have been responding with the items they’ve switched for travel size, and some clear trends have emerged.

Travel size make-up:

Redditor KingPrincessNova shared that “I’ve been buying travel/mini size makeup for years because I never get through the full size before you’re supposed to dump it”.

This is true; that stuff expires if you don’t use it.

Mtnskydancer shared that sentiment, adding that “Yep. I wear mascara maybe five times a year, and I make do on a sample that lives in the fridge.”

Travel body wash, shampoo and conditioner:

A number of Redditors shared that post-travel, they’ve switched to solid shampoo, body wash and conditioner, with KjunFries sharing, “I’ll never go back to liquid shampoo and conditioner”.

Travel sized hair products:

Sportscat shared that they use “The travel size of hair products (basically everything but shampoo and conditioners). It takes me waaaay too long to finish the regular-sized products.”

Travel packing cubes:

While not technically “travel-sized”, these are hugely popular travel products, designed to keep clothes organised while you’re on the go. However, folks in the thread have shared that they’ve come to love using packing cubes to arrange their clothes while at home, too.

This was probably the most popular response in the thread overall.

El_Scot wrote, “I use my packing cubes for my gym stuff, so I can easily pack it all in my laptop bag, rather than carry 2 bags.”

Planningtastic also shared, “We use a packing cube as a diaper bag that gets tossed into the backpack/pram/hiking backpack.”

I can personally attest to the usefulness of packing cubes. I use them at home to organise swimmers and underwear in my drawers.

Travel personal care items:

Another example folks shared here were that they enjoyed using reusable ear swabs and period products outside of travel experiences, too.

KjunFries wrote, “I’ll never buy a huge box of q-tips again! I’ll probably keep a few on hand for non-ear purposes, but I’ve really grown to love my LastSwab.” And also added, “I’m a Flex Cup girly for life. I can’t believe how much time and money I’ve wasted buying tampons and pads. I’m thankful that one-bagging has forced me to finally try a menstrual cup.”

Again, I’ll add here that reusable ‘cotton’ (not cotton) buds are a game changer, as are period products. Once you swap over, you’ll wish you’d done it earlier.

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