Sound the Horns, Vikings Valhalla Is Officially Back for Season 2

Sound the Horns, Vikings Valhalla Is Officially Back for Season 2

Vikings have certainly gone through a renaissance recently, whether it’s the Shakespearean tale of The Northman or the fantasy world of God of War Ragnarok. But for many, the obsession began with a little show called Vikings in 2013. Fast forward 10 years, and we’re approaching the release of season 2 of Vikings Valhalla, the Netflix spin-off of the popular period show.

Go grab yourself a horn of ale and let’s see what knowledge we can raid about Vikings Valhalla’s second season.

Vikings Valhalla: What’s happening in season 2

vikings valhalla season 2
Image: Netflix

Vikings Valhalla takes place 100 years after the end of the original Vikings series, which followed the story of Ragnar Lothbrok.

In Valhalla we explore the history of an equally famous Viking, Leif Eriksson, who is well-known for his tales of exploration. In season one, we were introduced to the likes of Leif and his sister, Freydis, as well as their English rivalries, King Cnut and Queen Emma of Normanby.

Season two will pick up where things left off, where our heroes suddenly find themselves ostracised from their home, according to the synopsis:

Season Two finds our heroes shortly after the tragic fall of Kattegat; an event that has shattered their dreams and altered their destinies. Finding themselves suddenly fugitives in Scandinavia they are forced to test their ambitions and courage in worlds beyond the fjords of Kattegat.

Here’s a trailer

With the release of Vikings Valhalla officially here, you can catch a first glimpse at what to expect from the new season in the trailer below.

Here’s the first clip from the series, which sees Erik, Freydis and Harald make a valiant last stand against Olaf’s warriors.

Who is in the cast?

vikings valhalla season 2
Image: Netflix

As you may have noticed in those trailers, many of your favourite characters are back in season 2.

Sam Corlett (Leif), Leo Suter (Harald), Frida Gustavsson (Freydis), Jóhannes Haukur Jóhannesson (Olaf), Bradley Freegard (Canute), and Laura Berlin (Emma of Normandy) will all reprise their roles in Vikings Valhalla season 2.

One new face this season is Bradley James, who appears as Lord Harekr. Mariam is another new character, played by Hayat Kamille, and Marcin Dorociński plays Yaroslav the Wise.

Jeb Stuart is the showrunner, with original Vikings creator Michael Hirst also on board as an executive producer.

Vikings Valhalla season 2 Australian release date

The wait for new episodes of Vikings Valhalla is finally over. Season 2 dropped on Netflix as of January 12, 2023.

The series has also been renewed for season 3, so here’s hoping it doesn’t leave us on too much of a cliffhanger.

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