13 of the Best 2022 Games, According to the Game Awards

13 of the Best 2022 Games, According to the Game Awards

With the year coming to a close it’s time to take a look back at the gifts we were given in 2022, many of which were video games. A good measure of the top games of the year is the annual Game Awards, which have just taken place in Los Angeles. If you’re wondering which video game should be next on your list, below you’ll find the ones that took home gold at the 2022 Game Awards, as well as their Metacritic scores if you need further convincing.

The best games of the year from The Game Awards

Elden Ring

Awards: Game of the Year, Best Art Direction, Best Role Playing Game, Best Game Direction

Metacritic score: 96

Coming in hot this past February was FromSoftware’s new game Elden Ring. Dubbed as the most accessible ‘Souls-like’ game for players, Elden Ring invites players into a rich fantasy world from Hidetaka Miyazaki and lore from George R.R. Martin. It clearly cut through and managed to snag the GOTY award for 2022.

God of War Ragnarok

Awards: Best Performance (Christopher Judge), Best Narrative, Best Audio Design, Best Score and Music, Best Action/Adventure Game

Metacritic score: 94

It was the Elden Ring and God of War Ragnarok show this year but the highly anticipated PlayStation sequel managed to nab the most trophies at the 2022 Game Awards. Ragnarok sees Kratos and Atreus a few years down the line, working to stop Ragnarok and the Norse All-Father Odin.


Awards: Best Debut Indie, Best Independent Game

Metacritic score: 83

Cat game! If you ever wanted to be a little cat with a backpack in a cyberpunk world, Stray is the game for you.

Marvel Snap

Awards: Best Mobile Game

Metacritic score: 85

Robbed of Game of the Year (in my opinion), Marvel Snap is a hit new mobile game from Second Dinner. It’s simple yet addictive gameplay loop sees opponents put forward their favourite Marvel heroes in card form, each with unique abilities, and see which deck can win. It’s an incredible game but if you do start be forewarned you might not be able to stop.


Awards: Best Fighting Game

Metacritic score: 80

Multiversus combines all the best characters from the world of Warner Bros. including Scooby Doo, Batman and Steven Universe into fun, Smash-style fighting rounds.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land 

Awards: Best Family Game

Metacritic score: 85

Kirby in a beautiful Super Mario Odyssey-style platforming game? Where Kirby can turn into a car? Say no more, it’s no wonder Kirby and the Forgotten Land took the cake.

Moss Book II

Awards: Best VR/AR Game

Metacritic score: 83

Moss Book II stole the VR game category with its sword-wielding mouse protagonist.

Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope

Awards: Best Sim/Strategy Game

Metacritic score: 86

Mario had to make an appearance somehow in the top games of the year and Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope did it. The adventure turn-based strategy game has been a hit with fans and newbies alike.

Splatoon 3

Awards: Best Multiplayer Game

Metacritic score: 83

The much anticipated Splatoon 3 saw some recognition this year, winning the best multiplayer game. Definitely, one to pick up if you want to shoot ink at your friends.

Bayonetta 3

Awards: Best Action Game

Metacritic score: 86

The third Bayonetta game has been a long time coming and the wait was clearly worth it. The hack-and-slash game follows the angel-hunting witch on a new adventure as she attempts to save the multiverse.

Gran Turismo 7

Awards: Best Sports Racing Game

Metacritic score: 87

Gran Turismo has been offering peak racing games for years now and the power of the PS5 really put this one at the top. Gran Turismo 7 has some of the sleekest graphics you’ll find in a racing sim and you get an extra layer of immersion through the DualSense controller.

Genshin Impact

Awards: Players Voice

Metacritic score: 82

The popular open-world action RPG, Genshin Impact, had the voice of the people at this year’s Game Awards. In the game, you play a traveller in a fantasy world that is home to seven nations, each ruled by a different element and god.

Final Fantasy XIV

Awards: Best Ongoing Game

With countless sequels, reboots and extra chapters, Final Fantasy XIV has certainly earned the award of the best ongoing game.

What are your top games of the year? Were any of your favourites robbed? Shout about it in the comments.

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