These Are the Top Fantasies for Aussies in the Bedroom

These Are the Top Fantasies for Aussies in the Bedroom

Sexual wellness and toy brand NORMAL has released its 2022 edition of the Big Sex Survey, revealing some eye-opening truths about the way Aussies like to get down. And while the survey, which looked at the sex and pleasure preferences of 1,000 Australians, touched on a long list of areas, one particularly interesting (and fun) point was the top fantasies people have listed.

When it comes to sexual fantasies in Australia, NORMAL shared that ‘novelty’ and ‘escapism’ appear to be particularly popular right now. The assumption here is that after the restrictions we all experienced throughout the pandemic, people are assumedly craving something a little different.

So, what are Aussies fantasising about, then? Let’s take a look.

Australia’s top 10 sexual fantasies right now

Spanning from sex with more than one person, to experimenting with exhibitionism, it’s clear Aussies are fantasising about mixing things up sexually.

  • Threesome (29%)
  • Shower/bath/water play (20%)
  • Being dominated (19%)
  • Sex with a stranger (18%)
  • Sex in a public space (18%)
  • Sex in an unusual space (18%)
  • Watching others have sex (17%)
  • Group sex (15%)
  • Role play (14%)
  • Sex Parties (12%)

What about porn and erotica?

Moving on from fantasies to turn-ons, when asked “which forms of erotic material do you use at least once a month”, Aussies listed a pretty broad list of saucy options.

Classic video porn sits as the most popular form of erotic material, unsurprisingly, but other options like TV shows and movies about sex, as well as ethical porn, were pretty widely used, too.

Here’s the full break down if you’re interested:

  • Free video porn (40%)
  • TV and movies about sex (23%)
  • Ethical porn (16%)
  • Reading erotica (15%)
  • Magazines and images (12%)
  • Creating my own images (10%)
  • ASMR and audio erotica (9%)
  • Creating my own video (8%)
  • Writing my own erotica (7%)
  • Sex in online games and virtual reality (6%)
  • OnlyFans subscriptions (6%)

And while porn can, at times, sell unrealistic portrayals of sex (and consent), using it as a sexy form of entertainment does give some Aussies a bit of a confidence boost. According to the Big Sex Survey, 47 per cent of Aussies reported that digital porn gave them “confidence and inspiration to explore new things”, and a further 40 per cent shared it helped them “share their preferences and desires”.

In saying that, 20 per cent of surveyed Aussies said it made them “feel physically inadequate”. So, I suppose the takeaway here is if it works for you and makes you feel good, then go for it!

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