Bumble and Ted Lasso Are Teaming Up to Bring You a Real-Life ‘Bantr’ Experience

Bumble and Ted Lasso Are Teaming Up to Bring You a Real-Life ‘Bantr’ Experience

Bumble, the women-first dating and social networking app, has teamed up with feel-good sensation Ted Lasso to bring you a truly unique dating experience based on the show. ‘Bantr’, a fictitious dating app featured on the Emmy Award-winning show, requires users to talk to each other over the app first without seeing any photos of the other person. On the show, using Bantr helps Rebecca Welton make a mysterious connection to a stranger which serves as a main plot point throughout Season 2.

How will the Bantr experience work?

Launching on the Bumble app on October 13 at 7pm AEDT, a weekly Bantr Live experience will be available free of charge in Bumble’s Date Mode. Mirroring the app featured on the show, daters will chat with their new connections with their profile pictures hidden for the first three minutes of messaging. No more judging a book by its cover!

What questions should I ask my new connections?

Messaging new people on dating apps can be a little intimidating sometimes. Luckily for you, Bumble has revealed its top five conversation starters just in time for the Bantr experience:

  • Would you rather… fight a bear or a shark?

  • What is the worst thing you ever did that your parents caught you doing when you were a teen?

  • Play a speed round of two truths and a lie. Go!

  • Kiss, marry, kill: queso, guacamole, salsa?

  • Ok tell me: what’s the most extreme dare you’ve ever accepted?

“Bumble’s new in-app Bantr experience is a fun way to encourage people to connect with their matches on a deeper level where they can gauge compatibility on shared interests and personality rather than focusing on the physical,” Bumble’s APAC Communications Director Lucille McCart said.

“Now is the time to remember that dating is meant to be fun, and this is a fun new way to make the first move”.


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