Dating Trends for 2024: What to Expect From Your Swiping Experience Next Year

Dating Trends for 2024: What to Expect From Your Swiping Experience Next Year

We’re approaching the final weeks of the year, which tends to bring on a lot of reflection for many of us. The minds over at dating app Bumble seem to be doing a fair bit of reflecting, too, because they’ve released a list of the biggest dating trends they expect to emerge for Bumble users in 2024.

From women’s sports to ken-ergy, Bumble has shared that there have been a number of interesting highlights from the past year of swiping, and shared that it believes 2024 will be “the year of ‘self’ in dating and relationships, with more people looking inwards at what they value and want”.

It reported that over half (59 per cent) of Aussie women surveyed for this round-up shared they are going into 2024 with a clear idea of what they’re after, romantically – suggesting that the next year will likely bring some exciting changes with it.

If you’re keen to see what other predictions Bumble has made regarding dating in 2024, check out the full list below.

Bumble’s dating app predictions for 2024

  1. Betterment Burnout: The endless drive to improve ourselves has led to a culture of people overloading themselves with ‘self-optimising’ hobbies. Bumble reported that 55 per cent of surveyed singles shared they felt “pressure to constantly look for ways to better themselves”, and that this relentless need to ‘be better’ has left 24 per cent of singles feeling unworthy of landing love. In 2024, we’re hoping to see a shift here. Two in three women surveyed reported they are working on accepting and enjoying who they are right now, and 40 per cent stated they are not interested in dating people who want to change them. Hell yeah.
  1. MVP (Most Valuable Partner): Maybe it was the Women’s World Cup, or perhaps it’s the arrival of the Olympics in 2024 – but sport has emerged as a popular interest amongst singles on Bumble. Per the dating app, 31 per cent of users shared that being a sports fan is a ‘must-have’ for potential matches and a further 24 per cent stated that they consider heading to sports events with a date is important to them. Aussie daters on Bumble are incredibly keen on sport right now, with 55 per cent displaying it as an interest on their dating app profiles.
  1. Timeline Decline: While the pressure to follow a certain life timeline remains incredibly powerful, Bumble predicts that 2024 will see a stronger push for people, women in particular, to choose their own path. One in three women surveyed by the dating app shared “they are no longer focused on adhering to traditional timelines and milestones“. While 72 per cent of women stated they are looking for a long-term relationship, only 23 per cent of them shared they were looking for marriage. Additionally, 16 per cent of surveyed women globally (and 24 per cent of Aussie women) shared they would be taking a step back from loved ones who pressure them to adhere to societal ‘norms’.
  1. Val-Core Dating: For daters on Bumble, actively engaging with social causes is seen as a green flag for potential partners. The dating ap shared that 25 per cent of its users reported finding socially engaging to be attractive in a date. In Australia, 70 per cent of singles on the dating app shared it was “important that their partner engages in human rights issues”, and 60 per cent said it’s important that their S.O. is engaged with sustainability.
  1. Intuitive Intimacy: Intimacy is a concept that is often discussed when it comes to relationships… obviously. But for 2024, Bumble is predicting that emotional intimacy will become a bigger focus for daters. A third of people surveyed on Bumble shared that “emotional intimacy is now more important than sex and that it’s actually more attractive than physical connection”.
  1. Open-Hearted Masculinity: For our final trend, Bumble shared that predicts men on the dating app will be looking to shift their behaviour. It stated that 25 per cent of men surveyed shared they are working on becoming more vulnerable and open with people they are dating. For single men in Australia, specifically, 33 per cent reported that being open and vulnerable is the most important element in a relationship.

Lucille McCart, Bumble’s Communications Director for APAC, shared a statement on the emerging dating trends, explaining that:

“People are looking inward more than ever before, becoming more accepting of who they are, and showing up to their dating experience as a more vulnerable and authentic version of themselves. We predict that 2024 will usher in a year of the self, with Australians feeling empowered to prioritise what they value, be fearless about what they stand for, and have a renewed sense of clarity about what they want in their romantic lives.”

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