I Will Never Cut an Onion the Same Way Again

I Will Never Cut an Onion the Same Way Again

Onions are essential in so many dishes but preparing them really is a new circle of hell. Not only do they make you cry but it’s nigh impossible to cut them evenly without maybe also cutting your fingers off. Just me? Ok then.

Well, my world is about to change thanks to a TikTok video that has shown me the true path to dicing an onion properly.

TikTok’s best hack for cutting an onion

Look, I know this onion hack is probably nothing new but this is the first time I’ve come across it and judging by the number of views this thing is getting (5 million and counting), I’m not alone.

Here’s the video by @frommylittlekitchen which lays it out all out pretty simply.


Literally life-changing 🤯🧅 #kitchenhack #cuttingonions #foodhacks #mealprep #fyp

♬ original sound – Melanie Lionello

Is your life not irrevocably changed after seeing this?

As you can see, the secret to dicing an onion evenly and efficiently is pretty simple. Start by creating an even surface for your onion by chopping one end off and laying it flat on your board.

Then as you rotate your onion make vertical incisions around the stem. These should cut all the way down but not all the way through to the other side, you want the bulk of the onion to remain intact.

After you’ve done that, lay your onion on its side and proceed by chopping vertically – this time all the way through. You’ll be left with a neat pile of diced pieces. Life changing.

This has to be the easiest dicing hack I’ve ever laid my teary onion eyes on. Even though you’ll probably still cry while using this trick, at least it will be over quickly.

Have you got a better onion chopping hack than this one? I want to hear about it because apparently, I’ve been doing it all wrong this entire time.

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