How to Watch the End Credits on Major Streaming Services

How to Watch the End Credits on Major Streaming Services

Whether you want to acknowledge the contributions of the many “below-the-line” entertainment industry professionals who worked on your favourite streaming movies and TV shows, or you just want time to get a snack before the next episode rolls, it’s a good idea to turn on the “watch credits” option on your streaming service.

Netflix, Hulu, et. al. don’t necessarily make this super-easy to do — it should be opt-in, not opt-out — but here’s a guide for how to watch the credits on Netflix, Prime Video, HBO Max, Hulu, and Disney+.

How to watch the end credits on Netflix

Here’s how to use Netflix’s website to change the “auto-play” setting for your account.

  • Navigate to your Netflix account page.
  • Click the profile with the setting you want to change.
  • Click “Change” next to “Playback setting”
  • From here, you can turn off the “auto-play next episode,” and turn off “autoplay previews” too. This should carry over to all devices that use this account.

You can also change this setting from your mobile device.

  • Fire up the app.
  • Click the account icon at the upper right corner.
  • Click “manage profiles.”
  • Select the profile you want to change.
  • Unselect “Autoplay Next Episode” and “Autoplay previews” (if you want.

How to watch the end credits on Amazon Prime Video

If there is a way to change the autoplay settings from the Prime Video app, I can’t find it, so you’ll have to log onto the website to do it.

  • Navigate to Prime Video’s front-page.
  • Click the gear icon at the top right of the page.
  • Click “Settings”
  • Click “Player”
  • Turn autoplay off. (And “autoplay trailers” too, if you want.)

How to watch the end credits on Disney+

Disney+ lets you change the auto-play setting on your devices, but it’s in a little bit of a weird place. Here’s how it works:

  • Navigate to the Disney+ Homepage
  • Click the Profile icon at the top right of the screen.
  • Click “edit profiles”
  • Select a profile
  • From here, you can click the Autoplay button to turn off the feature. As an added bonus, you can turn off “background play” as well.

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