Why You Need a Mini Fan for Your Eyelashes, Seriously

Why You Need a Mini Fan for Your Eyelashes, Seriously

If you’re someone who regularly gets eyelash extensions, you’ll know how clumpy and tacked together they tend to get after you go swimming, have a shower or wash your face. And since you’re not allowed to brush those puppies until they’re dry, some genius out there has now invented eyelash fans. Yep, mini fans for your lash extensions.

Eyelash fans basically do what they say on the lid and work as a mini hairdryer for your lashes. Initially designed for salon use (often when a client’s eyes get a little weepy while placing in the extension or to cool and soothe the eyes when irritated), you can now pick them up pretty cheap from places like Amazon or eBay for at-home use, too.

They’re a great way to dry your extensions post-swimming, when you’ve jumped out of the shower and even when the spring hay fever hits and your lashes start to cop the effects of constantly watery eyes. In our pursuit of lush lashes all spring long, we’ve rounded up four eyelash fans coming in at a variety of different price points (most of them affordable), so you can find your new favourite gadget.

Mini No Leaf Portable Bladeless Eyelash Fan

Image: eBay

This handheld dryer lash fan can help dry your lashes post-swim or shower in a few seconds. It comes with three adjustable speeds and has around eight hours of battery life. Apparently, it also improves the cure rate of your lash adhesive, resulting in longer-lasting lashes.

Where to buy: eBay ($12.93)

Lyon Lash Portable USB Rechargeable Bladeless Mini Fan

eyelash fan
Image: Amazon

We’re obsessed with this little lash drier. It literally looks like a Dyson, but for your eyelashes. It has three ‘wind’ speeds and helps to dry lashes nice and fluffy after washing your face or swimming.

Where to buy: Amazon ($28.26)

Portable Mini Eyelash Extension Fan

Image: eBay

Not only has the name of this little device sent us — “Fan Air Conditioning Blower for Eyelash Extensions” — it’s also a genius addition to your beach bag if you’ve got eyelash extensions. This one is compact, USB rechargeable and dries lashes from all angles. You can even pack it with you on the go during spring to beat your weepy, hay fever eyes at bay.

Where to buy: eBay ($14.50), Amazon ($26.29)

Honoson USB Air Conditioning Blower Handheld Air Conditioning Fan

eyelash fan
Image: Amazon

If your lashes need a little more TLC (especially if you’re someone who sleeps on their face — hi, me), this kit from Honoson might be a better investment. It comes with an eyelash fan as well as two pairs of tweezers (straight and curved) and a mini makeup mirror, so you have the works at your disposal for a little lash touch-up absolutely anywhere.

Where to buy: Amazon ($31.53)

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