Are Optus’ New NBN Netflix Bundles a Good Deal?

Are Optus’ New NBN Netflix Bundles a Good Deal?
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Optus has given its NBN plans a refresh this week, adding a bonus Netflix subscription to its “family” options. Customers who sign-up for an Optus Family NBN plan on any speed tier will get a standard Netflix subscription, valued at $16.99 per month. Notably, this offer is valid for both new and existing Netflix subscribers.

Here are Optus’ NBN plans. You’ll want an Internet Family Entertainer Plan if you’re after a Netflix bundle:

NBN 50 Family Entertainer plans start at $89 per month for your first six months, after which you’ll pay $99 per month.

To redeem your Netflix subscription, you’ll need to do so via Optus’ SubHub streaming portal. SubHub is an Optus-made platform that lets you get your streaming services directly from Optus, and adds them to your monthly bill.

Customers paying for two services via SubHub save 5 per cent on their total monthly bill, and customers with three services save 10 per cent. The bundled Netflix subscription counts toward the number of services you’re getting through SubHub. Other services available through SubHub include Optus Sport, Amazon Prime and BritBox.

If you’re an existing Netflix customer, you can transfer over your existing Netflix subscription without losing profiles or preferences. If you’re on a Premium Netflix tier, you can also pay the $6 per month difference.

In addition to Netflix, Internet Family Entertainer plans include a Wi-Fi Booster, and Wi-Fi Secure – modem-level internet security powered by McAfee. These come on top of standard Optus NBN inclusions like an Optus Sport subscription and a modem with 4G backup.

Of course, it’s worth asking whether these plans are actually a good deal. Optus’ family NBN plans are $20 per month more expensive than its standard NBN plans. If getting a Netflix is the key drawcard, you’re not actually saving any money. You’d actually be spending $3 per month when compared to a standard Optus NBN plan and paying for Netflix yourself.

As such it becomes a question of how much value you get from other inclusions like the Wi-Fi Booster. If you’re in a smaller place or an apartment, opting for a more expensive plan to get a wireless range extender is probably overkill, but it could be more helpful in houses – especially multi-level dwellings.

While Optus NBN plans are contract-free, you do get hit with a modem fee if you leave within your first 36 months. This is equivalent to $7 for each month left in your term on a standard Optus NBN plan, but rises to $13 per month on a family plan because of the Wi-Fi Booster.

If you don’t need a Wi-Fi Booster and you’re not interested in plan features like 4G backup or Optus Sport, it is worth looking at what other providers are offering. Here’s a selection of NBN 50 plans:

SpinTel has one of the cheapest NBN 50 plans around, where you’ll pay $54 per month for your first six months and $64.99 per month thereafter. If you factor in the price of your own standard Netflix subscription, you’re looking at roughly $82 per month after your discount expires, which is a good deal cheaper than the Optus bundle costs. That’s an $18 per month saving you can use to get a second streaming service.

It’s just a question of what exactly it is you’re looking for in an NBN plan. If you’re interested in Optus Sport and need a Wi-Fi Booster, Optus’ Netflix bundles could still be a good choice.

Alex Choros is Managing Editor at WhistleOut, Australia’s phone and internet comparison website.