How to Negotiate Lower Monthly Bills

How to Negotiate Lower Monthly Bills
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With everything that’s happened over the last two years (bush fires, the pandemic, the floods and war in Ukraine) the economy is in a spin, you may find yourself needing to cut back on your monthly spending. While you’re already no doubt trying hard to budget in other areas of your life, you actually have a good shot at saving money on your bills, too. It’s possible to negotiate for lower regular monthly bill payments, just by asking.

In the video below, staff writer Lisa Rowan explains the strategies to use when asking for lower payments for various services.

  • For household utilities, call your energy provider and see if they have any new promotions or incentives for “clean energy” programs. For electricity in particular, the best way to do this is to compare your current costs to other providers in your area. We’ve partnered with a powerful comparison tool called eConnex to help make this process fast and easy. You can even use your most current electricity bill details to get an accurate comparison. Enter your postcode in the box below to get started.
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  • For credit cards, ask for a program that would defer your payments for a couple of months.
  • For your phone, cable and internet bills, call your provider and ask for a different plan with a lower rate to fit your needs. If that doesn’t work, competitors may be willing to pay out your remaining contract in order to get you to switch.
  • For car insurance, call your insurance company and tell them you are considering getting rid of your car altogether. They may reassess how much you drive in order to lower your rate or tell you about a new program that could result in a discount.

For these tips and more information on lowering student loan payments or even your rent, check out the video.

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