Rapid Antigen Tests Are Cheap on Amazon Right Now

Rapid Antigen Tests Are Cheap on Amazon Right Now
Image: Ana Garcia
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January this year was a rough time for us all. From the sudden influx in COVID-19 cases to having to line up for hours at testing clinics and call approximately 80 pharmacies for a single RAT — all I can say is, what a damn time it was to be alive. Thankfully, things have started to look up again on the COVID-19 front with case numbers dropping, testing lines freeing up, and of course, rapid antigen tests in Australia becoming more readily accessible again (and thank goodness for it).

What they make up for in availability, they definitely still lack in cost, though, which is something I found out the hard way after purchasing six for a whopping $100 alone. That’s why I audibly gasped when I found a jackpot of cheap RATs on Amazon today. The best part? They start from a mere $7.56 a test. Now, I know that’s still a lil’ pricey when you’ve got a whole family to test, but they’re significantly more affordable than those RATs I sourced at the chemist for $15 a pop.

Before I jump into the nitty-gritty of the sale, though, here are a few handy explainers and articles around what to do if you’ve already tested positive for COVID that are worth adding to your reading list ahead of the weeks to come.

On the odd chance you haven’t had COVID-19 recently (and therefore aren’t Omicron immune for the brief period following), it might be handy to have a couple of tests at the ready if you start feeling a lil’ under the weather.

Alternatively,  if you’ve got school kids that need to be tested frequently, or you work in any of the essential worker fields and want to test yourself or your household as a precaution, they’re a worthy investment.

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JusCheck Rapid Antigen Five-Pack, $44.99

On Amazon, this five-pack from JusCheck is $44.99 and works out to be $8.90 per test. The retailer also promises next day delivery, which is great if you’re in close contact isolation and can’t head into your local chemist any time soon. Similarly, this Clungene Rapid Antigen Self Test five-pack is $37.80 and works out to be $7.56 per test. The only downside is that this retailer doesn’t offer next day delivery. In saying that, though, the turnaround time from order to post is still only four to five days, so this could be a great option if you’ll need them soon, but it’s not urgent

If you’re from a smaller household, this $19.93 InnoScreen two-pack works out to be $9.90 each, and this RightSign Nasal Test goes for $19.99, working out to be $9.90 as well. Unfortunately, however, these retailers don’t offer next day delivery, but you can sign up for Amazon Prime (or just get the free trial) for free expedited delivery on eligible orders — all you have to look for is the Amazon Prime tick.

Big family or workplace? Skip the two and five packs, and head straight for this bulk InnoScreen 20-pack that goes for $169.95, working out to be $8.50 per test.

In saying this, please note: rapid antigen tests in Australia are available for free at a bunch of local testing sites if you need them. Many Aussies have reported being eligible for as many as two free RATs per person on their Medicare card or two per person present in the car.

So, without further ado, happy RATing!

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