What to Send Your Mates Who Are Struggling in Iso Right Now

What to Send Your Mates Who Are Struggling in Iso Right Now
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Hello and welcome to 2022. At this point in time, I think it’s safe to assume one of three things – you’ve either contracted COVID-19, are a close contact of someone who has, or just happen to know a truckload of people doing it rough in iso. No matter the case, care package ideas are necessary in the current climate.

So, if you’re lucky enough to still be COVID-free, not only are you few and far between, but all of us iso kids need you to give us some TLC (preferably in throat lozenge form).

That’s why, on behalf of us all, here’s a running list of things we’d literally love to receive on our doorstep right now.

COVID-19 isolation care package ideas

Ready-Made Food

Home-made Soup

care package ideas

I haven’t tested positive yet, but I’ve been told Omicron isn’t easy on the appetite, nor does it really give one the will to cook. That’s why getting your ‘Rona positive friends some ready-to-go meals (like soup or even pasta) will go a long way in keeping them nourished and fed – even when they don’t feel like it.

You can find a couple of sweet dinner ideas that are easy to batch cook and freeze here.


What to Send Your Mates Who Are Struggling in Iso Right Now

Apparently chopped fruit serves the same purpose. Easy, bite-sized and refreshing for all you people stuck in bed.


care package ideas

My friend messaged me today asking for chocolate since her appetite is back, so while soup and fruit are nice, make sure to throw in a few fun snacks for when they start to get the salty n’ sweet munchies back.

Uber Eats Gift Vouchers, $25-200

What to Send Your Mates Who Are Struggling in Iso Right Now

If you’re the type to burn water, or just have no damn clue what to get your struggling mates on their not so finest hour for dinner, then an UberEats voucher might go down a treat. This one can even be instantly sent to their email online alongside a personalised message. They come in a couple of different values, too.

You can buy an UberEats Voucher direct from Uber here.

Plenty of Fluids

Flavoured Water Drops, $10.95

What to Send Your Mates Who Are Struggling in Iso Right Now

It’s common knowledge that keeping your fluids up while sick is optimal for the road to recovery, but sometimes water gets boring. The solution to your woes? Flavoured water drops! This baby will make your fluids a lil’ more appetising.

You can buy the Flavoured Water Drops – Mixed Berry ($10.95) from Amazon here.

Powerade, $3.65

care package ideas

Another alternative is picking up a few bottles of Powerade to give ya mates some energy and extra hydration.

You can buy a Powerade ($3.65) from Woolworths here.

Assortment of Tea, $2

care package ideas

There’s nothing fun about what a COVID-19 cough can do to your throat, which is why some calming tea paired alongside bed rest has the potential to go a long way.

You can buy the Twinings Camomile, Honey and Vanilla Tea ($2) from Woolworths here.

Hydralyte Ice Blocks, $11

care package ideas

Another non-water alternative to keep our COVID-19 patients hydrated is Hydralyte. Their frozen form might also help with the summer heat goin’ on lately (of course La Niña took cover while we all headed into lockdown).

You can buy the Hydralyte Ice Blocks ($11) from Woolworths here.

Their Favourite Booze

care package ideas

Perhaps send them a little something to celebrate the end of iso. We’d suggest gifting them something light and summery like a seltzer. If they’re not a huge fan of seltzers, feel free to head a lil’ higher up the shelf.

You can buy this White Claw Seltzer 4-pack ($19.95) from Dan Murphy’s here.


Cough Lozenges 24-pack, $8.49

What to Send Your Mates Who Are Struggling in Iso Right Now

My friend said she lived on these while she was sick. I know they won’t erase the Coronavirus cough altogether, but at the very least they’re said to keep your throat lubricated.

You can buy these Duro-Tuss Cough Lozenges ($8.49) from Chemist Warehouse here.

Pocket Tissues, $23.99

What to Send Your Mates Who Are Struggling in Iso Right Now

Ah, tissues. I think this one’s a no brainer at this point.

You can stock up with this Sorbent Pocket Tissue 12-pack ($23.99) from Amazon here.

A Burnt Orange

care package ideas

The jury’s still out on whether this even works, but rumour has it that burning an orange on the stovetop and eating it is supposed to help bring patients’ taste and smell back if the ‘Rona stole that from your mates, too.

Disinfectant Wipes, $7

care package ideas

‘Rona or not, whenever I’m sick, I often like to go in with some antibacterial wipes as soon as I’m on the mend. Why? It helps rid your house and space of any germs, and also makes you feel clean and human again.

You can buy the Dettol Multi-Purpose Disinfectant Wipes ($7) from Amazon here.

Disinfectant Spray, $5.25

What to Send Your Mates Who Are Struggling in Iso Right Now

The same goes for this bad boy.

You can buy the Glen 20 Disinfectant Spray ($5.25) from Woolworths here.


Paint by Numbers, $23.99

care package ideas

Now, it’s no secret iso can get damn boring (especially once the confined-to-a-bed phase is over), so it might be nice to pick your mates some cute activities to do while they’re holed up in their rooms. A little paint by number set is one way to keep them occupied.

You can buy this Paint by Numbers set ($23.99) from Amazon here.

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond – Nintendo Switch, $64

care package ideas

A new game for their Switch is another. Thank us later.

You can buy Pokémon Brilliant Diamond ($64) from Amazon here.

Love & Virtue by Diana Reid, $16

care package ideas

If they’re not a gamer or artist, then this book written by Sydney-sider Diana Reid will keep your mate glued to every page (and hopefully keep their mind off things).

You can buy Love & Virtue by Diana Reid ($16) from Amazon here.

A Pick-Me-Up

Big-D Personalised Donut, $40

What to Send Your Mates Who Are Struggling in Iso Right Now

It sure does suck to have COVID-19. Let ’em know you’re thinking about them in the ballsiest way possible. PSA: they also have a vegan alternative.

You can buy the Big-D Donut ($40) from Goldelucks here.

COVID-19 Cookies, $34.95

care package ideas

A slightly more PG version of the above if your care package is for your grandparents. However, guaranteed the same thoughtful effect.

You can buy these COVID-19 Embossed Cookies ($34.95) from Sweet Mickie here.

Personalised Cakes

care package ideas

If you want to take it that step further, you can also order them a cheeky personalised cake. This particular retailer is based in Melbourne, but if you search Instagram for ‘little cakes’ there’s no shortage of them floating around. The more unique the message, the better.

You can order these personalised cakes from Little Cakes Melbourne via Instagram here.

These care package ideas will not only be greatly appreciated but hopefully give your mates the best chance of ‘Rona recovery possible. That way you can all get out and about again in no time (after the seven days is up of course). Head here for more ways to beat COVID-19 at home or here to find out everything you need to know about the booster shot.

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