What Green Thumbs Need to Know About Shopping for Indoor Plants Online

What Green Thumbs Need to Know About Shopping for Indoor Plants Online

With millions of Australians stuck in lockdown right now, small sources of joy and calm are filling our days once again. I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that for many of you, tending to plants is pretty high up on that list. If that’s the case, and you’re interested in building out your family of indoor plants, here’s your guide to shopping for those babies online.

Is it a good idea to buy indoor plants online?

If you’re comparing the experience of shopping for plants online to purchasing them from a nursery, there’s really no comparison. Going in-store will allow you to see the health and size of the plant up close, it will also offer you an opportunity to chat with staff members who have a good idea of what will suit your space and lifestyle.

As Apartment Therapy shares, there is also the chance that shopping online for indoor plants may be a little more expensive. This will depend on the vendor of course, but between shipping and plant variety you may end up spending more. It’s worth keeping that in mind.

In saying that, however, the outlet went on to share that often online plant sellers have high-quality indoor plants available – so the extra cost may be worth it.

How will my plant children be sent to me?

Usually, when you order an indoor plant online, your green baby will arrive packaged in a box.

The plant should be potted, or the soil will be wrapped. This should keep the leaves and roots protected during shipping. Once you receive it, it’s a good idea to repot your plant as soon as possible to give it some space to stretch out.

Where can I buy plants online?

There are a bunch of options available to you when it comes to shopping online for indoor plants nowadays. In terms of options that have garnered some attention online, here are a few examples that should tick all the boxes.

Bloomspace – Prices start from $29.

Little Succers – Succulents only, starting from $40.

The Good Plant Co. – Prices start from $21.95. The Good Plant Co. also offers a nifty quiz that will help you decide which indoor plant is best for you. Check that out here.

Leaf Supply – Small selection of plants, starting from $20 – $25.

The Jungle Collective – Usually, these guys run physical plant sales around Australia but for the moment they’re switching to online indoor plant sales events for Sydney and Melbourne.

The next sale events for both cities are slated for July 24 and 25, tickets for Sydney are available here and Melbourne tickets can be booked here. I have about six plants from these guys so can personally speak to the quality of their green babies.

Now go forth and transform your homes into makeshift jungles.

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