5 Effective Ways to Use a Spare 10 Minutes

5 Effective Ways to Use a Spare 10 Minutes
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We’re all trying to make the most out of our time. Although some of our lives are busier than ever before, procrastination can creep in and soak up those precious moments of free time between tasks.

Whether it’s spent scrolling through Instagram or aimlessly online shopping (without actually buying anything), we’re all guilty of letting time slip away with nothing to show for.

If you’re looking to maximise the productivity of every hour, here are five effective ways to spend ten minutes or less that’ll actually help enrich your life.

Call Your Family

Call your grandparents – I can assure you that they miss you. Use your free ten minutes to call any family member for that matter. It’s easy to forget about our nearest and dearest amidst the craziness of our days, so dedicating a short period of time daily or weekly to our loved ones is a must.

It’s a small gesture, but a call to check in on how someone is doing can have the biggest impact on their day. Oh, and not to mention, you’ll feel absolutely great after doing it too.

Make Some Extra Cash

Consider this the least time-consuming side hustle on the planet. While listing your second-hand products on Facebook Marketplace of Depop is a quick and easy option, it’s worth checking out what you could potentially make from online survey services, like OpinionWorld.

It enables users to take quick, easy market research surveys in return for a gift card reward at well-known retailers like Woolworths, Myer, Priceline, Rebel Sport, Supercheap Auto and Harvey Norman. It’s free to join, accessible online, and you can also cash out through PayPal.

Play A Brain Game

If you find yourself dozing into a daydream whenever you’ve got a spare few, try and boost your imagination and creativity with a brain game. Considering we do spend a lot of our time doing menial tasks like waiting for public transport or even watching TV, it’s worth giving yourself a challenge.

Fill your phone with apps that’ll fire out brain teasers, crosswords, sudoku games and more. Go old school and buy a newspaper to get your hands and eyes away from your phone. Buying a colouring-in book to get creative with is also an effective and mindful way to flex the brain in free time.

Stretch It Out

If you’re reading this right now on your phone or laptop, you’re probably sitting in a pretzel or banana-esque position. Stand up, and stretch it out, please. Your back will thank you.

Doing some stretches, even for a few minutes, will benefit your body and mind immensely. Seek out guided stretches on Youtube or even through an app like Nike Training (which is full of thousands of guided workouts, for that matter), that’ll keep you satisfied and stretched in no time.

Write A To-Do List

If you’re too frazzled to take your mind off what’s in front of you completely, organise your life in some way. Write a to-do list – or multiple. Organise your afternoon at work, a to-do list for when you get home, or even a to-do for what you plan on getting up to on the weekend.

Lists are the easiest way to feel like you’ve accomplished something (without doing much at all), so set a timer for five or ten, and get writing.

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