7 Ways to Earn More Cash if You’re Too Lazy for a Side Hustle

7 Ways to Earn More Cash if You’re Too Lazy for a Side Hustle
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We’re all looking for ways to rake in a little extra cash. However, the life of side hustles and crypto-investing may not appeal to us all.

So, what are us less entrepreneurially inclined folks supposed to do? Find minimal-effort ways to bring in extra coin. They do exist, and there are multiple ways to get creative with it all.

Here are seven ideas if you’re looking for some inspiration but poor on time (and motivation).

Sell your clothes 

Second hand and vintage clothes are having a moment right now. Dive into your wardrobe and fish out anything that could potentially thrive in another person’s rotation. Although exclusive drops or designer items may be worth more, the advent of circular fashion means basics, and non-brand items have a place on second-hand marketplaces too.

Utilising Facebook Marketplace, Depop or Etsy could be an easy, low-effort way to list your product and communicate to potential buyers.

Share your opinion

Getting paid to share your opinion with the world sounds like a dream, however, not all of us are lucky enough to be top podcasters. While you might not be rivalling Joe Rogan’s numbers anytime soon, participating in online market research could be the second-best way to get paid for your thoughts.

Services like OpinionWorld enable users to take quick, easy market research surveys in return for a gift card reward at well-known retailers like Woolworths, Myer, Priceline, Rebel Sport, Supercheap Auto and Harvey Norman. It’s free to join, accessible online, and you can also cash out through PayPal.

Trade-in old electronics 

I’m sure you’ve got old iPods, iPhones, gaming consoles and more lying around at home. While they may no longer be of use to you, you could make some money from trading them in.

Major retailers like Apple, JB Hi-Fi and EB Games will offer easy to use trade-in or recycling services in-store, making the process simpler. You can also check out various trade-in services online, like IsItWorthMore, which provide instant quotes on what your products are valued at before trading in.

Dog sit

This is probably the most therapeutic and fun way to make some extra coin. Use a pet sitting service, or offer to give your pals’ pups some company the next time they’re away – the thought of earning money to sit and hang with their adorable creature is pure bliss. It could also be great practice if you are considering buying your own pet soon.

Babysitting could also be an option here, but that might require a little more effort.

Sell your knowledge

This may be more relevant to those who’ve just finished studying, however, it’s still good to keep in mind. Selling your old essays, course notes and textbooks is a great way to make extra cash.

Join Facebook groups full of students who are in the midst of courses you once undertook, and you’ve got an audience of desperate souls trying to meet deadlines who’ll pay for your past efforts.

Rent your car out

If you’re still working from home or find most of your current adventures revolve around public transport, renting your car out could be a no-effort way to make extra cash. The carsharing marketplace is becoming increasingly popular amongst rideshare drivers who don’t want to use their own vehicles when on the job. You can utilise online services like drivemycar and more to further explore your options.

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