These Crispy, Cheesy Potato Stacks Are Right for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

These Crispy, Cheesy Potato Stacks Are Right for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

As you all know by now, we at Lifehacker think potato hacks are golden and we do our darnedest to keep you clued up on the latest and best options in the game.

We created an entire potato bible for that reason.

The latest exciting addition to our collection of potato recipes worth obsessing over is a simple little treat courtesy of The Kitchn, though RecipeTinEats and Half Baked Harvest each have their own versions of the same dish so take your pick, folks.

Half Baked Harvest suggests eating these individual potato stacks for breakfast or pairing them with a steak dinner. They work for any time of the day, really.

How to make Cheesy Potato Stacks

What you’ll need:

  • Butter, salt and pepper – easy.
  • All these recipes recommend either Yukon gold or russet potatoes.
  • For the cheese, you can opt for your favourite variety, but the most popular options are Parmesan and Gruyere (or a combination of both). Just make sure you grate it first.
  • For seasoning, you have the option to add elements like chives, or fresh oregano and thyme.
  • You can also add cream if you want to make the stacks heartier.


  • Hop onto the website that’s home to your recipe of choice for the full method, but as a starting point here’s the general gist.
  • There are different approaches to this dish, but in a nutshell, you’re going to need to cut up your potato in super thin slices then, using a muffin tray, stack little towers with those babies.
  • Some recipes ask that you coat the potato in a butter, cheese and seasoning mix first, others do a combination of potato, grated cheesy mix, then more potato. But the overall goal is building your golden towers of potato, cheese and garlic goodness.
  • The recipe asks for about a 30 minute bake time in the oven at about 200C, but that varies slightly depending on the recipe style you go with.

Whichever way you decide to create these delicious mouthfuls of cheesiness, they’re going to be a winner.

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