A Collection of the Best Potato Hacks You’ll Ever Find

A Collection of the Best Potato Hacks You’ll Ever Find

Ah, the potato. It’s simple, salt of the earth, kind of vegetable. Nothing fancy like your eggplant or beetroot, you know? Potatoes are an old classic and they’re versatile as hell. It’s why we love them so.

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Over the years, the Lifehacker team has come across a lot of spud hacks. Like, a real lot. We enjoy our taters over here, and we want to know everything about how to cook these babies. Apparently, so do you guys. So, we thought we’d pull together a collection of some of our favourite potato prepping practices and list them out for you in one place.

Check it out below!

Baked and Roasted Tater Hacks:


Use Your Air Fryer to Make Extra-Crunchy Potatoes

The air fryer is a nifty little device, ain’t it? Check out how to use it to get your taters nice and crunchy, here.

The 45-Cent Hack to Cooking Perfect Roast Potatoes

According to one Aussie mum, the best seasoning for roast taters is dry French Onion soup mix. Read all about it here.

Never Store Your Baked Potatoes in Foil

According to foodsafetynews.com, cooked potatoes are a Time/Temperature Control for Safety (TCS) food, a category of foods that must be stored with care. That means keeping them in foil is a no-no. Read on here.

The One Ingredient You Need for Perfectly Roasted Potatoes Is Duck Fat

Want to get real fancy with your next rendezvous with a potato? Hit that baby with some duck fat. Read more here.

This One Simple Trick Makes The Crunchiest Roast Potatoes

TikTok hacks are hit or miss. This one, using baking soda, is a certified winner. Find out how here.

How to Make a Restaurant-Quality Baked Potato

Classic, simple, delish. Here’s your guide to getting your baked ‘tato game on point.

Mashed Potato Hacks:

mashed potatoes

How to Make Mashed Potatoes in Your Microwave (Or Oven)

Feeling lazy? No judgement, we get it. Here’s your go-to microwave mash hack. You’re welcome.

How To Make Perfect Mashed Potatoes

Not all spuds were created equal in the game of mash. Here’s a guide to getting it right.

Just Add Store-Bought French Onion Dip To Mashed Potatoes

Want to elevate your mash a little? Pop some French onion dip in there! A full explainer on how, here.

Just Microwave Your Sweet Potatoes

Do sweet potatoes count? Ah, well. I’ve included them. This isn’t strictly mash-related, but it does give a nice little explainer on microwave sweet tater mash. Read more here.

Hot Chip Hacks:

hot chips, fast food chain

(Mmm chippies.)

Cooking Chips in an Air Fryer is a Dream for Tired Millennials

Who doesn’t want quick and easy access to hot chips at all times? Read how to achieve that here.

Here’s the Secret to a Perfectly Cooked Chip

A very serious, and important, explainer to cooking the ideal hot chip. Check it out here.

This Is Actually the Best Way to Reheat Chips

Reheating chips is a tricky space to navigate but lucky for you, we know the best way to do it. Learn for yourself here.

How to Make Homemade Potato Chips in Your Microwave

Microwaves and hot chips are usually not the best of friends. But in this piece, we show you how to make it work – really, really well.

Hash Brown Hacks:


Make ‘Hash Browns’ With a Leftover Baked Potato

Leftovers are a beautiful thing. Especially when those leftovers become hash browns. Here’s your guide to making them at home.

Which Frozen Potato Makes the Best Hash Browns?

Did you just buy yourself a waffle iron? Here’s your hack to ensuring you’re buying the best frozen spuds for hash browns.

There you have it, folks! Our starch-filled bible of delicious hacks. Hope you get some gems out of it.

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