7 Products to Spruce up Your Home Office This Spring

7 Products to Spruce up Your Home Office This Spring
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Spring has officially sprung which can only mean one thing – it’s spring cleaning time. 

The start of a new season can be an opportunity to clear out things you don’t need anymore and spruce things up with lighter pieces. And as we spend more and more time in our home offices, it makes sense to invest in home furnishings that will lift our moods and make working from home that bit more bearable. 

In the spirit of this, we’ve scoured lighter and brighter pieces to help freshen up your home office as we head into spring. 

Shaped Corner Desk, $159

Image: Ebay

There comes a point where working from the table won’t cut it anymore. And if you’re investing in your home office in spring months, lighter colours are a better option, as they’ll help make spaces feel more open and provide a welcome comforting feeling while you work. Built-in bookcases also mean you have somewhere for stationery and clutter to live.

Faux Vine Plant, $15

Image: Catch

House plants have lots of fantastic properties. They can help boost oxygen supplies and bring the outdoors indoors, as well as add a nice pop of colour. Equally, if you’re not an expert gardener, they’re also super easy to kill, so fake plants can be a great alternative. They’ll last longer, no danger of killing them off and you get the aesthetic boost without getting pollen everywhere. 

Prism Hand Tuffed Rug, $315

Image: Catch

A statement rug is an easy win to freshen up your home office. Pick it in a bright pastel-like pink and it can lift up the entire room. If you’re tight for space, it’s also a great way to make use of floor space, and hide any flooring you’re not a fan of. 

Baccarat Barista Espresso Cups, $29.99

Image: House

Coffee can be both functional and something you greatly enjoy as you get ready for the day. Spring can be a great time to start a new routine, so replace the ceramics with a set of sleek glass espresso mug to make the morning cup a bit more special.

Vince Office Chair, $379

Image: Brosa

Aside from your desk, an office chair is one of the things you’ll use the most in your home office, but all too often we’re settling for a generic high-back swivel chair.

Kio Table Lamp, $159

Image: Brosa

Lamps made from darker materials can end up dominating your home office and making it less bright than it can be. Polished marble offers a great alternative to this, as it can work to brighten a room, or neatly compliment other colours you’ve already added into your home office.

Wireless Desk Charger, $89.95

Image: The Good Guys

Messy cables are the bane of any home office. They get tangled, frequently break and you can never find the cable you need when you want it. So this spring banish the nest of cables from under the desk and pick up a wireless desk charger. They’re fast, fit seamlessly on even the smallest of desks and can help kick start your spring cleaning. 

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