Popular US Burger Chain, Five Guys, Is Coming to Australia

Popular US Burger Chain, Five Guys, Is Coming to Australia
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A great burger can offer comfort in stressful times and one of the best at it, Five Guys from the US, is coming to Australia to do just that.

The burger giant, which has 1,500 stores across the US and Europe, will settle on a few sites in Sydney, according to Good Food. Local hospitality company, Seagrass Boutique Hospitality, will pick up the franchisee rights in Australia and has said the first store should open its doors in early 2021.

Later stores in Melbourne and Brisbane are expected to open up in the near future too.

Why is Five Guys popular?

If you’re a burger fiend, you’ll know US burger ventures have led the charge for years. From In-N-Out Burger to Shake Shack to Carl’s Jr, the US has no shortage of burger competition.

But where Five Guys tries to set itself apart is in its simplicity (and free peanuts).

Rather than giving the biggest stack of ingredients you’ve ever seen — a popular choice in the US — Five Guys offers customers classic burger options such as cheeseburgers and hamburgers. Customers can also add as many toppings, pickles and jalapeños, as they like free of charge.

Outside of the burger realm, you can also get hot dogs and some very American (read: unhealthy) milkshakes to help swallow your meal.

No one will accuse Five Guys of being healthy but if it’s your soul that needs a good burger filling, Sydney-siders will be able to do that soon enough.


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